Gwyneth Paltrow's Paella

Gwyneth Paltrow recently starred in the PBS travel-documentary SPAIN . . . ON THE ROAD AGAIN. The program consisted of 13 episodes of Gwyneth parading around Spain with Mario Batali, Mark Bittman from the New York Times, and Barcelona actress Claudia Bassols.

In Episode 112, Gwyneth Paltrow and Mario Batali (who I fortuitously cropped out of the photo below) make Paella with a pissy old man from Valencia. In typical "old man in Spain" fashion, he waves off their questions and grunts his disapproval throughout the clip. But what really caught my eye was the simplicity of his authentic Paella. Here is his run-down:

  1. Olive oil (just coat the bottom of the 'Paellera')

  2. Onion (a cup or two . . . just eye it)
  3. Tomato Sauce (a few cups)
  4. Cuttlefish

  5. Saffron. . . then stir stir stir.

  6. Paprika (maybe a cup)
  7. Fish Broth (to cover the ingredients in the paella thus far)

  8. Clams

  9. Rice (in the cross)

  10. And then top it off with 4 to 5 crayfish / whole shrimps once the broth has evaporated.

As mentioned, the INTERESTING part about Gwyneth's Paella is its simplicity. No red peppers, no tomatoes, no chicken, no lamb, no sausage, no beans, nothing spectacular. It just goes to show that a good Pealla is as varied as the Spaniard people that make them, showing us once again that there is no correct way to make a Paella.


  1. Nothing spectacular?? I had to google image "cuttlefish" just to see what it is. Evidently it is squid. I think that is spectacular. Where do you even get that??

  2. Now, the cuttlefish is easily substitutable with something else, so don't worry about that . . . in fact, you could just take it out altogether.